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July 28th-Aug 3rd at Camp Alexander Mack
Ages 6-18

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For Campers

Our goal is to experience a wide and glorious world in which we can find inspiration for our work, spiritual and emotional restoration, and a renewed sense of connection with all of God’s creation.


For Leaders


For Leaders


For Leaders

ABCMC Summer Camp Objectives:

1) The physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of campers will be met through a developmentally-appropriate camping program.

2) Campers will build healthy self-esteem, a sense of trust, and a feeling of security.


3) Campers will socialize in a positive way with other campers and counselors so as to develop a sense of Christian community.


4) Campers will discover, learn, understand, and experience God’s grace as revealed in Jesus Christ through a well-planned camp program.


5) All camp leaders will grow as caregivers and mentors.

Can't make it July 28th-Aug 3rd? Check out ABC Wisconsin's Programs at Camp Tamarack!

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