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Camp Leaders

"Studies have shown that an important part of faith development for any child is building strong relationships with adults who are willing to model and talk about faith. When a child comes to camp, they look at their counselor and immediately think, “This person is so cool.” And when you, as their counselor, sit down with them at dinner and ask about their day or help them overcome their fear of kayaking or take the time to listen to their questions during Bible study, you communicate that you, the cool person, find them valuable.


You care about them, about who they are, and about whatever joys and concerns they bring to the table. It is an invaluable part of the summer camp experience, and it is the thing kids are most likely to tell their parents about when they get home." -Camp Wyoming


Open Positions

Paid & Volunteer

It takes 20-30 adults from the ABCMC community to produce our high-quality, spiritually transformative summer camp program. We have roles for adults of all ages and abilities. Prayerfully consider our staffing needs and consider spending an amazing week at camp!

Apply Now!

Submit the application form as soon as possible. Applicants under consideration will be asked to complete an informal interview with a Camp Leader and will need to undergo a background check.


Save the Dates

Camp Leader Trainings

July 12th, 6:30-8:30pm   Emergency Procedures Training

July 28th, 2pm.                      Counselor Training at Camp Mack

July 29th, all day                    Counselor Training at Camp Mack

July 30th                                    Camp Begins



Liability & Code of Conduct

Medical Forms

Packing List

W9 for Paid Staff

Individual Contracts will be emailed once all positions are assigned.


A Day in the Life

Follow along with Erica, a Purple Cabin Counselor, and Jasmyne, the Fox Camp Director, as they go through a day in their different roles at camp!



Letter Cabins & Ulrich House

The birds may be chirping, but the all campers are snoozing. Camp is still quiet at this hour. On the first day, one ambitious adult might get up to watch the sunrise over the lake or catch some early morning fish, but by midweek, we’re all sleeping as long as possible! If you are close enough to Ulrich House, you will soon start to hear alarms getting snoozed. Today Jasmyne has “make coffee and wake up camp” duty and stumbles downstairs to leaders' kitchen around 6:30am.


Letter Cabins & Ulrich House

Wake up time! Jasmyne knocks on doors, waking up Erica and her campers in their cabin. Erica makes sure everyone in Purple Cabin is out of bed. Campers are getting ready, packing their bags for the day, and maybe tidying their bunks. Jasmyne returns to Ulrich House where the kitchen is the place to be as the bleary adults down that first mug of bean juice and clarify the plans for the day.


Schulz Chapel

All of camp meets at Schulz Chapel overlooking the lake for morning devotions...except Purple Cabin. Erica is still hurrying her campers out the door as they scramble for missing shoes and water bottles. Jasmyne starts devos with songs and stretches and Red Cabin leads an opening prayer. Purple Cabin arrives in time for Rev. Veronica to share a reflection about butterflies and transformation. We finish by a quarter after with a song and announcements.


Dining Center

We gather in the dining hall for family-style breakfast and more coffee. Erica's cabin scatters to sit next to Red Cabin's table and she joins the rest of the adults. Red Cabin leads the prayer. Camp food is carb-y and delicious. Jasmyne checks in with the activity organizers and leaders for updates on the morning activities before she dismisses each cleaned-up table to return to the cabins. 


Letter Cabins

In a flurry of bug spray and more shoes, all of the campers get ready to go to the far side of camp for either Rock Climbing or Archery- except the 6 and 7-year-olds who are not pleased. Jasmyne helps the littlest campers get excited about fishing and gathers the "Fox" cabins (green and yellow) for Archery. Erica takes Purple Cabin out to the Ropes Course! 


North Trails

After taking photos and helping counselors wrangle their campers, Jasmyne takes a turn at Archery. Erica prefers to keep her feet on the ground, so she cheers on her campers from below!


North Trails & Dining Center

Jasmyne brings her campers back to the main camp building for a lesson on composting, taught by Camp Mack leaders. Camp does it's best to be kind to the environment and create as little waste as possible. Erica and her cabin move over for their chance at the archery range!


Dining Center

Lunch time! Everyone washes their hands at the indoor and outdoor sinks before sitting at their favorite tables. Red Cabin leads everyone with the superman prayer. Each cabin-elected camper representative joins Jasmyne at a table for Camper Council. They spend lunch sharing ideas for the talent show at the end of the week and talking about quiet time options. Erica dismisses her campers to cabin quiet time when the table is cleaned up.


Swimming Beach & 
Ulrich Lodge

Jasmyne checks that all the fox campers and their counselors have their swim gear and name tags before leading them all down to the swimming beach. She spends the hour sitting on the dock with her feet in the water, chatting with the life guards and supervising campers. Erica is on break! She sends her campers with Jim and the other Coyote counselors to canoeing before heading to Ulrich Lodge for a shower and quiet time in the A/C.


Ulrich Lodge & 

Swimming Beach

Jasmyne sends Fox campers and counselors to meet Jim at the boat beach then returns to Ulrich for her break. Erica reunites with her campers at the swim beach and watches the boys play chess at the picnic tables.


Volleyball Court & Letter Cabins

After all the campers change into dry clothes it's free time until dinner. Jasmyne joins a crowd of campers at the sand volleyball court to cheer for both teams. Erica and a couple of her campers tidy the cabin and get their gear ready for the night hike later.


Dining Center

Jasmyne reminds everyone to wash their hands and drink water. Red cabin teaches a new prayer before everyone digs in. Erica joins the Camp Director Amber and counselors from all the other cabins for a Counselor Meeting. They go over how the campers are doing, extra support needs, and the plan for tomorrow's canoe trip.


Campfire Circle &

Softball Shelter

Campfire Circle is early tonight for everyone because of the night hikes. It's Jasmyne's night off so she sends the foxes to gather around the campfire for songs and a devotion led by Rev. Kathryn. After handing off her charges, Jasmyne heads to Ulrich Lodge for the night. Erica and the coyotes join Amber at the softball shelter for a session on fire building. They learn how to use knives to cut wood safely, what materials are good for kindling, and how to create heat. Together, the campers build everyone the fire!


Campfire Circle & North Trails

The foxes head off on their night hike while Erica and the coyotes gather for their campfire circle around the fire they built for songs and a devotion led by Rev. Kathryn. Before long, they hear the foxes return and get ready for bed. At the end of the devotion, Erica hands out snacks and reminds campers to put on bug spray for the hike.


Letter Cabins & North Trails

It's lights out for the foxes! Erica and the coyotes quietly gather on the other side of camp to set out on their night hike. They take flashlights and tread quietly to hear and see as much as possible in the forest. 


Letter Cabins & Ulrich House

Erica has her hands full getting her girls settled down after the excitement of the night hike. They at least agree to quiet down so as not to wake up the younger cabins as they get ready for bed. Erica climbs into bed and reads while she waits for her last pair of campers to get back from the shower. At least tomorrow is her turn to sleep in!

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