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Faith Climate Action Week, an annual initiative spearheaded by Interfaith Power & Light, spans ten enlightening days around Earth Day, from April 19 to April 28, 2024. By joining in, you become an integral part of a dynamic community of faith-driven individuals dedicated to preaching, teaching, and actively working towards healing the climate in 2024.

This year's theme guides us in exploring how our food systems contribute to injustice and climate change while delving into practical solutions that align with our faiths.

The value-packed kit includes:

  1. Action Guide: Providing insights into the faithful call to care for the environment.

  2. Suggested Short Films: Engaging visual content.

  3. Updated Climate Change Fact Sheet: In-depth information.

  4. Faith-Based Discussion Materials:

  5.  Including Faith Climate Action Week postcards to gather signatures to vote with the climate in mind.

  6. Suggestions and Resources: Guiding your engagement in supporting local action.

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