American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago

Ordination Process and Documents

The process for ordination to the Christian ministry in the American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago involves the Candidate who is responding to God’s call; the Local Church officially associated with ABCMC that will guide the Candidate through the ordination process; and the Ordination Commission of the Region, which examines the Candidate and makes recommendations to the Local Church.

The documents linked below provide: (1) the “Procedures and Practices” of the Ordination Commission and should be consulted first and throughout the process by both the Candidate and the Local Church, and (2) the “Application Materials” that initiate the ordination process, which include: an application; a reference form; a disclosure form, a “Code of Ethics” form requiring the signature of the Candidate, and a check list for all materials to be submitted with the application.

Questions about the ordination process should be directed to the Regional Office.

  1. Procedures and Practices
  2. Application
  3. Reference Form
  4. Covenant and Code of Ethics
  5. Disclosure Statement
  6. Checklist of Documents for Ordination
  7. Recognition of Previous Ordination